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Disinfecting Your Facility: Why Hiring a COVID-19 Disinfection Company Sets the Standard

Providing the healthiest environment for staff members, clients and guests is essential to maintain productivity and profitability in the current pandemic. Working with a company that offers professional disinfecting services will produce the cleanest and healthiest workplace for you and your employees. This can reduce risks to you, your staff and members of the public who spend time in your facilities.

What Is the Difference Between​ ​Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19?

Cleaning companies lack the expertise and the knowledge needed to eliminate bacteria and viruses from surfaces and working environments. At best, they may just move these microbes around in the various areas of your facility. At worst, your cleaning crew could transmit the virus as they work and could reduce the confidence of your staff and clients in your commitment to their health.
By contrast, companies that specialize in disinfecting services use approved industry standards to remove viruses, bacteria and microbes effectively. This can eliminate issues arising from the current pandemic along with many other biological contaminants. Working with a firm that specializes in disinfecting services will also provide your staff members and clients with greater assurance that their health is of real importance to your company.


Protect Your Business From the Flu & Germs

Downtime due to illness can reduce your company's productivity to a significant degree. Investing in professional disinfecting services for your facilities can significantly reduce the risk of coronavirus along with the seasonal flu, colds and many other illnesses that can be transmitted in the working environment.

Benefits for All Types of Businesses

Regular disinfection by a company that specializes in these services can provide real benefits for a wide range of commercial and industrial enterprises.

Professional disinfection is essential for restaurants so your employees and customers know you're going above and beyond to protect their health.

Commercial kitchens require constant attention to prevent the transmission of illnesses that could affect your staff and your customers.

Doctor's offices and medical facilities can be breeding grounds for various types of infections. Investing in professional disinfecting and disinfecting will promote the healthiest environment for patients and staff alike.

Gyms and workout centers require regular cleaning to protect the health of your patrons and to protect your reputation among current and potential customers.

Commercial office spaces can often be vectors for the transmission of illness.


Professional disinfecting on a regular basis is essential to keep these workspaces safe and to provide added assurance for your employees that their working environments are healthy and clean.

Manufacturing facilities rely on clean and healthful working environments to produce the products your customers need. Disinfecting your workspaces will help to prevent the spread of viral infections in your facility.

The Right Help When You Need It

We specialize in providing protection against COVID-19 and many other viruses and bacteria that can affect your company and its patrons. We offer same day disinfecting and 24/7 disinfection service options that can help you create the best and most healthful environment for yourself, your staff members and your customers. We can also provide a wide range of other disinfecting and cleanup services ideal for your needs. Call us today at 570-877-0868 to request more information and schedule an appointment with our disinfection team.  

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