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Effective Odor Detection and Common Sources of Odor


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As a property owner, you may occasionally encounter unexplained odors that can affect the value and livability of the homes and businesses you own. If you are about to purchase a property or to renovate a rental space, understanding four common sources of odor can help you make preliminary plans to deal with these issues efficiently and effectively.


Four Common Sources of Odor



These smells can permeate drywall, wood, concrete or vinyl to make indoor air far less pleasant and to present a long-term problem. Determining what is responsible for the odors affecting your property can help you deal with these issues more effectively once your physical inspection is complete.

Bio-One provides comprehensive odor removal services and can customize a unique plan to meet your needs. 


Detecting Odor From Pet Urine


Residential properties where pets have been allowed can often have a strong odor of dog or cat urine. The evidence of this can sometimes be seen during your physical inspection. Ammonia is often the strongest smell associated with pet urine. It can sometimes be removed by using commercially available products after a complete inspection of the property to identify the problem areas. Odor removal firms can also offer added help in managing issues with this unpleasant odor.


Detecting Odor From Death and Decay


The odors associated with an unattended death or decay of a large animal or human body are among the most unpleasant smells known to man. Decomposition and the odors it can produce must be addressed by a company that provides odor remediation services designed to remove all traces of the event and to restore the property to a clean and hygienic condition. In some cases, moisture sensors may be used to pinpoint the exact location of the odor. This can speed the process of death and decay odor remediation to a significant degree.


Detecting Odor From Mold


Mold can grow in areas that become wet because of flooding, leaks or damage to pipes behind walls. Odor removal services alone are not enough to address this problem. If this issue is identified during your home inspection, you should work with a company that specializes in mold remediation to eliminate any trace of this dangerous contaminant. Left un-remediated, this fungal growth can cause symptoms ranging from minor respiratory issues and skin irritation to significant infections and toxicity. Comprehensive mold remediation is essential to prevent these serious health issues from affecting your family or your tenants. Moisture sensors can also be placed to identify the source of the problem and to prevent further problems in the future.


Detecting Odor From Incomplete Combustion


A fire that damages your property but does not destroy it can leave behind strong smells and, in some cases, hazardous materials that must be removed before the property is safe for human habitation. The odors associated with fires can seep into drywall, wood, concrete and vinyl to create issues that are best resolved by a company that specializes in residential and commercial odor removal services.


The Odor Detection Process


Before odor issues can be addressed, the odor must be identified to determine the right method for resolving the problem. Odor detection techniques may include the use of advanced sensors and blacklight sensors to find the locations that have been affected. Working with a company that offers cleaning and odor remediation services is often the best way to manage these issues and to promote the freshest and healthiest indoor environments for yourself and for those who live and work in these properties.


Once the source of the odor has been found, working with a company that specializes in biohazard cleanup is the best and safest way to resolve these issues quickly and with a minimum of disruption. This can make property management an easier task now and in the future.


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