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How Do I Undertake an Unattended Death Cleanup?

Dealing with an unattended death can be traumatic for you and your family. Bio-One offers unattended death cleaning services you can depend on during this difficult time. Our compassionate team of biohazard remediation specialists will work with you to address the aftermath of these events and to help you manage cleanup tasks. We are here to help you navigate the issues involved in unattended death cleanup and to provide the highest standards in biohazard remediation.

What Does a Professional Do to Undertake an Unattended Death Cleanup?

At Bio-One, we use a proven process to remediate living spaces and other areas after a death. Our team will arrive as quickly as possible to begin remediation and to provide unattended death cleaning services. We use the following steps to address the aftermath of unattended death and to ensure the best results for you:


  • Deep cleaning: Our compassionate team of biohazard remediation specialists will wear personal protective equipment during this first phase of the process, including goggles, surgical masks, gloves and other protective clothing. This will allow us to remove any trace of the biological materials from the area in which the deceased was found. We will dispose of the contaminated items and perform deep cleaning on all hard surfaces to create the safest environment in the affected areas.

  • Sanitization: Using the correct chemical compounds will ensure that bacteria and viruses have been eliminated, making the area safe for human habitation once more. This step is required to create a safe and hygienic environment and to reduce any risks associated with entering the area.

  • Deodorizing: One of the most difficult phases of biohazard remediation in cases of unattended death is the potential for odors in the affected areas. Bio-One will use the appropriate deodorizing chemical compounds to eliminate all traces of the odors left behind and to create a fresh and livable space once again. We will go the extra mile on behalf of you and your family to ensure that no unpleasant smells remain after our process is complete.

  • Restoring the area: Bio-One will work diligently to remove any traces of the unfortunate event from every area that could have been affected. We go over the entire home to make sure that we have performed the most comprehensive unattended death cleanup. This ensures that the residence is completely livable and that no evidence of the event is left behind when we finish the job.

Our team, as one of the most reliable unattended death cleanup companies in the area, will work with you at each step of the process to make sure the cleanup is performed according to industry best practices and health standards. We care about our clients and aim to produce the best possible results in all cases.

The Areas We Serve

At Bio-One, our biohazard remediation teams are compassionate, caring and discreet when providing our undiscovered death cleaning services. Our service areas include the following locations:


  • Orange & Sullivan Counties in NY (including selected other areas in New York)

  • Pike County, PA

  • Lackawanna County, PA

  • Monroe County, PA
  • Wayne County, PA

Our technicians have the expertise needed to handle a range of cleanup issues stemming from homicides, natural causes, suicides, accidents and terminal illnesses. Unlike regular house cleaning crews, Bio-One has the experience and the technical knowledge needed to handle these types of situations effectively and safely.

Real Help When You Need It Most

We understand the trauma and grief that our clients experience after an event of this kind. We will work with you to manage the process as compassionately and as discreetly as possible with skill and care the entire way. In many instances, home insurance policies will cover the cost of our services. Give us a call at 570-877-0868 - we understand this may be a time sensitive matter, and we're here to help you get through this unprecedented situation.