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How Long Does It Take To Complete a Hoarding Cleanup?

The average amount of time it takes for a hoarding cleanup service near me in PA to be completed varies considerably.  That’s the simple answer.  The more complex answer requires us to look at the time equation to better the dynamics of time involved in handling a hoarding cleanup.  As the saying goes, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”  We can kill time, save time, lose time and, in certain cases, have all of the time in the world.

Before I was a hoarding specialist in New York and the Scranton area at Bio-One, Inc. and much younger as a kid, I remember being told to clean my room. I would mumble under my breath and take my time. It took  forever!  When asked to do the laundry, I would always have a trail of clothes behind me while I dragged my feet. For most people, occasional messes are a part of their everyday lives, and there are those who have organized chaos going on yet they’re functioning quite well. We must always strike to strike balance in our lives.

Most of the hoarding therapists in New York would agree that there becomes a point when the situation gets out of hand in becoming a problem that requires a multi-pronged approach from both a mental health professional and competent hoarding cleanup company such as Bio-One of Scranton.  We are the company you call before things get really bad, and we are definitely the company you call when things get severe at a level 5 status. We’re licensed, certified, insured, fully trained, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of every unique situation and environment.

If you’re a hoarding therapist in or around Pennsylvania or Orange County, NY, a concerned loved one of a hoarder, or someone who knows your situation is out of hand, the question becomes how long do we take to clean out a hoarder’s home? The question is a paradox.

The Factors that Come into Play Here

Many factors come into play for us as the cleanup professionals you call for hoarders. If you – or a certified and licensed hoarding cleanup company – is handling a hoarding cleanup correctly, you’ll need to understand that facilitating and managing the expectations of the parties involved, the amount of space being occupied with clutter, what items are being collected and for how long, exits points, different floor levels, and the different level of hoarder the person is. There is no set answer, because there are so many different aspects to consider.

The biggest factor is the human one. I essentially mean that people bring about sensitivities and different levels of hoarding that require us to sometimes work in concert with psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists who specialize in these issues. The National Study Group on Compulsive Disorganization developed a gauge to describe the different levels of hoarding. Not only does this scale characterize and define the different levels of hoarding, but also guides professionals and family in understanding the various situations. 


5 Stages of Hoarding Defined

There are 5 stages of hoarding and each progressively defined as more severe. Simply put, the 5 levels of hoarding are described as basic as possible: 

Level One: The Hoarder does not want to depart with things and will often buy items for which they have no real need. The location only has a little bit of clutter, but no blocked entrances or walkways. It is hard to notice any hoarding during this stage.

Level Two: Individuals at this stage are ashamed to have people over, and are often embarrassed by the clutter, few of the walkways and exits are impassable in the home, the individuals are unable or unwilling to clean the residence.

Level Three: Often, during this stage, hoarders have emotional problems and possibly even an eating disorder. They live in extremely high amounts of clutter and unsanitary areas. Pests such as fleas and other vermin can be problematic. There may be no running water and bathrooms might not be functioning. At this point, there are strong odors everywhere.

Level Four: At this stage, there are noticeable hygiene and mental health problems. More than likely there is old mold and mildew growing everywhere. As well as sewage problems, animal feces unnecessary clutter, numerous pests, blocked exits and unusable rooms.  There could be stachybotrys chartarum and other types of mold taking over the property requiring a mold remediation.

Level Five: The home is not fit to live in, the whole sewage system is backed up, bathrooms are unusable, the whole residence is cluttered, walls are damaged and there are numerous fire hazards within the dwelling.

Understanding the Seriousness of the Disorder

Understand that hoarding is a serious disorder where a person has a consistent problem with discarding possessions and other items because of an apparent need to keep them.  Our company has been featured on a TV show about hoarding called Hoarders (TV series) on A&E.  Awareness building showing that this is a real disorder, even though the levels vary from individual to individual, is a critical component in getting people the hoarding help they need and deserve.

They are not lazy, stubborn, or trying to get on your nerves. Not only are hoarders victims in these situations, but their loved ones are greatly affected as well. There are real safety concerns to their own health due to unsanitary, biohazard messes, along with the consequences associated with hoarding including social, emotional, legal, and even financial. 

Having a strong understanding of this disorder is important in coming to a resolution that benefits everyone involved: The hoarder, the family, mental health professionals, and the team going in to execute the job. Communicating effectively with all the parties involved is the first step to successfully moving forward. So, when choosing a hoarding clean up company in NY state, make sure they are more than just a junk removal company nearby.   Ensure the company is knowledgeable about the people they are trying to help, about the disorder itself, and understands the expectations of the individuals involved. 

Final Thoughts & Next Steps


In closing, depending on the severity of the situation, there are so many things to consider when it comes to figuring out how long it will take to complete a hoarding job. We cannot ignore the human factor, especially when estimating our timeline. It is up to us as the professionals to communicate effectively and act efficiently. My company and team are not a junk hauling service, but a more specialized operation that comes in fully prepared to serve you.  When we get a call to do a job, it’s because they need a professional team to manage, facilitate, execute, remove, sort, remediate, dispose, disinfect and most importantly HELP the victim achieve their goals.

If you’d like to know more about working with an experienced hoarding cleanup company, contact us or call 570-877-0868. We’ve helped individuals and organizations from Northeast PA to Orange County, NY get their properties and homes back and available 24/7/365.