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Who Cleans up Crime Scenes in Pennsylvania and New York?

Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes?

DEC 22, 2020 by JUAN MORALES  


After a violent crime occurs in your home, you may be wondering who is responsible for cleaning up the crime scene.  These traumatic events can leave blood and other biological materials that could contaminate the area in which the crime occurred.  Understanding who is responsible for cleaning up the scene and who pays for these services will help you manage the situation in the most practical and painless way possible for yourself and your family.

Who Is Responsible for Crime Scene Cleanup?

After a violent crime, many property owners believe that law enforcement or the coroners office will perform the cleanup necessary to restore the area to a safe and livable condition.  In fact, the property owner is responsible for these tasks.  While you don't have to clean the crime scene yourself, you will be responsible for the process of restoring and remediating the scene to create a safe environment.

Why You Should Invest in Professional Crime Scene Remediation. There are several primary reasons who you should elect not to undertake a crime scene cleanup on your own.

  • Violent crimes can create trauma for you, your family and your employees. Attempting to clean up the remaining evidence of the crime could increase the traumatic effects of these events.
  • Proper training is required to remediate crime scenes safely and completely, including in cases of clandestine drug lab cleanups.
  • Personal protective gear and chemical compounds are needed to remove traces of biological contaminants and to provide protection against these substances during the cleanup process.

Working with a compassionate crime scene remediation service is the best way to manage the cleanup or remediation of potentially hazardous substances left behind at crime scenes in your home or business premises.

Who Pays for Professional Crime Scene Cleanup or Biohazard Remediation?

There are funds that can sometimes contribute financial help for property owners who are struggling with the costs of remediation for a crime scene on their property.  Your homeowners insurance may also include coverage for these situations.  In general, however, you will assume the bulk of the responsibility for the cost of cleaning up the crime scene.

When Can Crime Scene Cleanup Commence?


In most cases, you can begin the remediation and cleanup process as soon as officials at the coroners office release the scene.  Your first call should be to a professional crime scene remediation service.  These professionals will assess the crime scene and will provide you with the right guidance for dealing with the situation quickly and efficiently to restore normalcy to your home or business.


If you need help after a crime is committed on your property, contacting a firm that specializes in biohazard remediation and crime scene cleanup is a solid first step toward resolving this situation and getting things back to normal.  By working with a company that specializes in these services, you will be able to put the incident behind you to move on with your life and your regular activities.  Our trained response teams are standing by to assist 24/7 with crime scene remediation services throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and New York Counties of Orange, Sullivan, and Dutchess.  Give us a call at 570-877-0868 to get the peace of mind you deserve from the professionals that Help First.